Parent Speak

Our daughter ... has made leaps and bounds academically, and socially. She is safe, appreciated by her teachers and peers, and feels that all the kids are equal.

- Parents of Nirvi

We have seen how our children have grown and developed into confident and successful individuals with a strong faith in life.

- Parents of Freya Vyas

Thank you SSPS for the efforts you put in as mentors - inculcating such quest for knowledge in these young minds.

- Parents of Dhyan Nagar

For those who are looking for the admission of their child, I shall recommend you all to go for SSPS, as my child is studying here and I’m so impressed! What a fantastic learning environment.

- Parents of Saloni Rana

Thank you, our child has enjoyed the start of Nursery. They have shown us many things they have learnt and we have noticed a great change in them. Our child has come upto the mark in many ways.

- Parents of Devshree

Our son loves the school very much. He always has something exciting and positive about his day, especially about new facts he learns. Thank you very much for all the support he has received this year.

- Parents of Hiya

Very impressed with our sons’ progress. Teachers have tried really hard in all aspects and it is good to see their efforts paying off! Students enjoy school which is a reflection of good quality of teaching and the environment created in the school.

- Parents of Heer & Het

We would like to thank everyone for their hard work as my child is having wonderful time at school overall. To say that his teachers have been inspirational for him.

- Parents of Dev