School Policies

  1. It is the policy of SSPS Management not to collect any kind of fund other than the regular school fees.

  2. Transportation of students to and from the school is owned and run solely by private agencies. It is the sole responsibility of the parents to make conveyance arrangement for their ward. The school authorities will not be answerable to any problem arising by these agencies.

  3. Safety of the students is our topmost priority. The school has students from different corners of the city. Whenever most of the city area is affected by natural calamities, riots, curfew or any tense situation, it is advisable not to send the children to school. However it will be the sole responsibility of the parents to make conveyance arrangements for their children to and from the school. When children from major affected parts of the city are unable to attend the school, new lessons will not be taught and if during those days the school is scheduled with assessment or any other activities, then such situations will be dealt with due consideration, so that the children do not suffer any loss.

  4. Early departure / half day leave: Once a student attends the school, he/she will not be allowed to go home before school hours. In case of unavoidable circumstances, such as medication of child, sudden demise of a relative or any other emergency at home, if the child is to be taken home early, the mother / father / authorized guardian should come with the Early Departure at 10:30 a.m., on receipt of written request from the parents. The Early Departure Card is a must for the departure of the child for half – day leave.

  5. During early departure, the child will be allowed to go with mother / father / authorized guardian only and no other person may be deputed for this purpose.